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Emarketing courses for Newbies

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Emarketing is a continuous, evolving and somewhat complex subject as it continues to blend human behaviour and technology innovations whose impacts are not always known in some ways.  However in other ways, there is a trend towards more definitive and exacting methods for discovering where consumers are in the buy cycle thanks to the many analytics tools that are already contributing to the development of new technologies which are capturing and categorizing our behaviour patterns at an alarmingly rate,  as to  how, when, what and where we will buy on the web. 

It is important for all newbie marketers to understand the basics of emarketing and I encourage you to study and understand the course materials offered below.  In some cases, you may believe that you know it all already, but remember that we only know what we don't know.  As you go through the course materials, you will have many aha! moments.  Here's to your basic education on emarketing!  Enjoy!




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