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Grader Tools

Here is a list of essential marketing tools that every marketer should have in her/her arsenal.  Practice and learn how to use them first before applying them to your own website:

  • Website Grader - SEO tool for measuring the marketing effectiveness of any website
  • Alerts Grader - Track, analyze and filter emails from Google Alerts and Twitter.
  • Press Release Grader - Evaluates your press releases to ensure they are optimized for search engines and people.
  • Twitter Grader - Measure the power, authority and reach of a Twitter user
  • Call to action Grader - Measure what content is likely to generate the most clicks
  • Facebook Grader - Measure the power of a Facebook business page
  • Gobbledygook Grader - Evaluate content for use of gobbledygook, jargon and over-used words


Emarketing Automation Tools

Here is a very effective marketing automation tools that offers you free communications with 250 people forever:



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